Conductor Solid or stranded wires made of copper or aluminium to transmit energy.
Insulation Outer covering made of PVC, XLPE, EVA-XLPE providing insulation of the conductor.
Core Insulated conductor in cable
Separation Sheath Separating sheath is applied to avoid the adverse effect of overlapping layerS.I1 is also used aS bedding for armouring.
Bedding It is the material covering all the cores and giving round shape. It is also used as bedding for armouring.
Filler Sheath covering all cores in multiple core cables and giving them overall round shape.
Outer Sheath Outer Sheath is the last layer of the cable providing solid protection from outside effects, made of PVC, PE, LSF.
Armour It provides protection from mechanical damage through use of galvanized round steel wire, flat steel wire or steel tape. At single core cables, aluminium wires are used for armouring.
Semi-conductive layer It is a layer between conductor and insulation applied over insulation made of semi-conductive material.
Metallic Screen It is a layer made of copper wires or tapes. At single core cables, It is applied on the core; at multi core cables, it is applied on the bedding.
Helical Tape Helical tape is composed of PP or steel tap. is used to keeping applications such as armouring or screening firm in the cable.
Blind Core Strings made of insulated material are non-conductive cores and used to filling only the gaps between cores that carrying energy, also give them a proper overall round shape.
Sectoral Shaped Conductor Cable Conductor of the cable shaped as piece of circle at a angle such as 72°, 90°,120°
Circular Conductor Cable It is the cable with circular shape conductor.
Multi-Core Cable Electrical cables that have more than one core.
Multi-Core Cable with a Reduced Cross-Section Core One of the cores has a lower cross-section
Concentric Conductor Concentric conductor consists of copper wires and copper tapes. It is applied on core in single core cables and onto common sheath in multi-core cables.