Power cables 0,6/1 kV, XLPE insulated and HDPE sheathed with concentric conductor



Power cable suitable for fixed installation in dry and damp environment, on or under plaster, on cable trays, same as in walls and concrete. Can be laid directly in ground and water. Cable laying must be performed only by qualified personell and according to national standards and regulations. For outdoor application can be laid in tubes, but in that case should be taken all precautionary measures necessary to prevent water penetration into the tubes. Suitable for supply systems in an emergency. Appropriate for application in all situations where people and material goods need to be protected in case of fire. Recommended for public buildings frequented by a lot of people, and for buildings of high material value, for industrial complexes, electric power plants, transformer stations, municipal facilities, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports, underground railways and similar. Concentric conductor serves as electromagnetic screen, which could also be applied as neutral conductor.


  • Sheath
    HDPE compound
  • Bedding
    Extruded elastomere or plastomere compound or plastic tape
  • Conductors
    Al conductor according to EN 60228
  • Insulation
    XLPE compound
  • Concentric conductor
    Cu wires with counter helix of Cu tape


  • Standard
    HD 604 S1, SFS 4879
  • Test voltage
    4 kV
  • Rated voltage
    0,6/1 kV
  • Core identification
    acc. to HD 308 S2
  • Min. bending radius
    Single-core 15D; multi-core 12D
  • Min. laying temperature
  • Max. operating temperature
  • Max. short-circuit temperature
Nominal cross-section Conductor construction Max. Resistance at 20°C Current capacity in air Current capacity in earth Outer diam. (approx.)
mm2 Ω/km A A mm
4x35/16 SM 0,868 95 125 26,0
4x50/16 SM 0,641 117 150 29,1
4x70/21 SM 0,443 148 185 34,0
4x95/29 SM 0,320 180 220 37,7
4x120/41 SM 0,253 209 255 41,8
4x150/41 SM 0,206 240 280 46,5
4x185/87 SM 0,164 274 330 51,7
4x240/72 SM 0,125 323 375 58,3
  • *Permissible current rating values are according to:
  • - three-phase circut
  • - laying depth of 0,8m for buried cables
  • K=1 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,0K-m/W
  • K=1,5 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,5K-m/W