Power cable 0,6/1 kV with Al conductors, PVC insulated and sheathed



Distribution power cable for static outdoor application (with protection against direct UV-irradiation), in ground, in water, within facilities, in cable canals, in concrete, in conditions where there is a danger of possible mechanical damages, but where the cable is not exposed either to systematic mechanical stress or heavier tensile strain. Used in electric power plants, transformer stations, industrial plants, metropolitan networks and other electric plants. Concentric conductor can be used as neutral, protective or earth connection, and in situations where the insulation might be roughly damaged by some metal object, it acts as protection against contact voltage. Corrugated, concentric conductor construction enables establishing of several cable connections without cutting of conductor.



  • Sheath
    Cu wires (wave-form) with counter helix of Cu tape
  • Bedding
    Extruded elastomere or plastomere compound or plastic tape
  • Conductors
    Al conductor, class 2 according to EN 60228
  • Insulation
    PVC compound


  • Standard
    ÖVE E 8200-603, HD 603 S1, IEC 60502-1
  • Test voltage
    4 kV
  • Rated voltage
    0,6/1 kV
  • Core identification
    acc. to HD 308 S2
  • Min. bending radius
    single-core - 15D; multicore - 12D
  • Min. laying temperature
  • Max. operating temperature
  • Max. short-circuit temperature
    160 °C
Nominal cross-section Conductor construction Max. Resistance at 20°C Current capacity in air Current capacity in earth Outer diam. (approx.)
mm2 Ω/km A A mm
4x25/10 RM 1,200 83 103 27,9
4x35/16 SM 0,868 101 123 27,7
4x50/25 SM 0,641 121 145 31,3
4x95/35 SM 0,320 189 216 39,9
4x150/50 SM 0,206 249 276 47,6
4x240/50 SM 0,125 339 362 58,8
  • *Permissible current rating values are according to:
  • - three-phase circut
  • - laying depth of 0,8m for buried cables
  • K=1 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,0K-m/W
  • K=1,5 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,5K-m/W