Low voltage (0,6/1 kV) power cables with XLPE insulation and HFFR sheath



Halogen-free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing power cable in aluminum. These are important features to protect life and property in case of fire. The cable is constructed for open fixed laying, indoors and outdoors, in pipes or direct burial/water, not for atex areas. The cable is UV resistant and can be plowed. Suitable for road lighting, distribution, supply, distribution and on cable ladders. The cable comes with a stripping cord for easy dismantling of outer jacket.
Important that the cable is sealed (with end cap, not tape) immediately after cutting to prevent water penetration through the end.



  • Sheath
    HFFR compound
  • Bedding
    Watertight tape
  • Conductors
    Al coonducors, class 2 according to EN 60228
  • Insulation
    XLPE compound


  • Standard
    HD 603 S1, p.5M; SS 424 14 18, HD 604 S1, p.5D
  • CPR class
  • Test voltage
    4 kV
  • Rated voltage
    0,6/1 Kv
  • Core identification
    According to HD 308 S2
  • Bending radius (min)
  • Min. laying temperature
  • Max. conductor temperature
  • Max. short-circuit temperature
Nominal cross-section Conductor construction Max. Resistance at 20°C Outer diam. (approx.) Metal weight Cable weight (approx.)
mm2 Ω/km mm kg/km kg/km
5x25 RM 1,200 25,0 363 650
5x35 RM 0,868 27,7 509 882
5x50 RM 0,641 31,7 725 1060
5x70 RM 0,443 37,6 1027 1644
5x95 RM 0,320 41,2 1389 2094
5x120 RM 0,253 46,7 1934 2812
  • *Permissible current rating values are according to:
  • - three-phase circut
  • - laying depth of 0,8m for buried cables
  • K=1 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,0K-m/W
  • K=1,5 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,5K-m/W