Power cable 0,6/1 kV with Al conductors, XLPE insulated and HDPE sheathed



This cable is used as a power distribution cable in power stations, industrial installations and switchgears as well as in local mains. Can be laid directly in ground but on sand base to avoid cable damaging. Cable laying must be performed only by qualified personell and according to national standards and regulations. For fixed installation underground, in interior premises, cable ducts, in the open air, in water - as permitted by the local building regulations - under severe mechanical stressing during installation and operation.


  • Sheath
    HDPE compound, DMP 7
  • Bedding
    Extruded elastomere or plastomere compound
  • Conductors
    Al, class 2 according to EN 60228
  • Insulation
    XLPE compound DIX 3


  • Standard
    SS 424 14 18, HD 603 S1
  • CPR class
  • Test voltage
    4 kV
  • Rated voltage
    0,6/1 kV
  • Core identification HD 308B S2
  • Min.bending radius
  • Min.laying temperature
  • Max.operating temperature
  • Max.short-circuit temperature
  • Min.bending radius during installation
Nominal cross-section Conductor construction Max. Resistance at 20°C Current capacity in air Current capacity in earth Outer diam. (approx.)
mm2 Ω/km A A mm
4x50 SM 0,641 149 158 26,4
4x95 SM 0,320 234 234 34,1
4x150 SM 0,206 311 300 42,1
4x240 SM 0,125 427 398 52,2
  • *Permissible current rating values are according to:
  • - three-phase circut
  • - laying depth of 0,8m for buried cables
  • K=1 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,0K-m/W
  • K=1,5 - resistivity of the ground equal to 1,5K-m/W